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Special Inspections


With the implementation of the 2003 International Building Code (IBC-03), the inspection requirements for construction projects in South Carolina have undergone several dramatic changes. CSI as a company is specifically designed to meet these requirements.




 It has long been an industry norm for the Contractor to employ an inspection firm to perform a variety of different inspections. This practice worked well over the years; however now the construction industry has evolved to where it places more and more requirements on the special inspector. In order to meet these requirements the qualification, certification and experience of special inspectors has been dramatically increased. CSI has drawn together a number of like minded, highly qualified highly certified steel inspectors to meet these needs.    





·      Quality Assurance/Quality Control Development and Oversight.  

·      Welding Specification, Procedure Qualification & Welder Testing.

·       AWS/CWI Welding Inspections.

·       ICC Certified High Strength Bolt Testing.

·       ICC Certified Fire Proofing Inspections.

·      ASNT Non-Destructive Testing.





·       CSI stresses that special inspections is not simply the completion of the required testing, but a method of providing both the owner and the contractor with valuable information and test results throughout a project. Thus enabling them to not only correct problems as they occur but in many cases to prevent them all together.

·      CSI is not only familiar with the complex requirements identified by such organizations as the AWS, AISC, ICC, FEMA, ASNT and the South Carolina Building Code Counsel, our personnel are active members of many of these organizations and through various comities help shape the guidelines that we work under.

·       Because of our extensive experience with construction in seismically sensitivity areas we are uniquely qualified to provide insight to the special requirements involved.    

·       Do to our organizational makeup CSI is capable of responding very quickly to the needs of our clients.

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